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Zero Waste

One more step towards a cleaner world

Option 1

The first and easiest option of all is to Subscribe to one of our Mix Boxes as they are all entirely packaged with returnable and refillable containers. 

Option 2

Pre-order on our Online Store and let us know in the comments section that you want a Zero Waste order. If you choose to Pick-up your order, bring your own produce bags and/or containers at the Farm or at the Penticton Farmers' Market. We will bring your produce in refillable containers and you can transfer them at our Stall. Same process can happen if you choose to have your order delivered. If you're not planing on being home when your order arrives, you can leave a container (preferably a cooler) outside your door where we can drop off your produce.

Recurrent customers can register to our Zero Waste program for the season.

Option 3

Bring your own containers and/or bags at our Farm Gate or at the Penticton Farmers's Market. We always try our best to have bulk produce available for our Zero Waste customers. 

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